Chiropractic Care for Lower Back Pain

Does lower back pain stop you from doing the things that you love?  Do the current treatments and medications prescribed by your doctor not provide the relief you’re looking for?  You may be suffering from moderate or extreme lower back pain and a chiropractor can provide some relief.  Chiropractic care is a treatment technique that deals with the root causes of your pain and doesn’t just treat the symptoms with medications.  Sublaxations or misalignments of the spine are one of the leading causes for chronic back pain.  Chiropractic adjustments can correct the misalignments, which will in turn relieve nerve and muscle compression for long lasting pain relief.

Chiropractic Care for Lower Back Pain

If your vertebra is misaligned, there is pressure on the spinal nerves which in turn triggers pain.   Because of this pain and compression you may also experience muscle spasms and your posture is generally poor, all of this puts further pressure on the spine.  Many people who suffer from lower back pain turn to medication to manage the pain.  Medication does provide some relief from chronic pain it does so by numbing your ability to perceive pain and not by treating the underlying cause of your pain.  Calgary Chiropractor  care can do both, relieve your pain and treat the root cause.  A chiropractic adjustment is a safe and effective way to correctly align the spine, alleviate compression which in turn reduces pain and improves your mobility.

Chiropractic adjustments can treat more than just lower back pain they are also highly effective in treating sciatica which is also linked to spine compression.  Sciatica is another pain condition and the symptoms are shooting and numbing pain sensations in the back and down through the buttocks and legs.  The sciatic nerve becomes compressed due to misalignment, the sciatic nerve is the one of the largest nerve in the body and sciatica can become debilitating for those suffering from it.  Adjustments can reduce the pressure on the sciatic nerve and it is effective for treating the debilitating pain that accompanies sciatica.

Chiropractic Care for Lower Back Pain

Treating lower back pain is best done with a whole body approach to pain management.  Along with chiropractic care for lower Back pain there are other services such massage therapy that can help with muscle spasms and other pain that accompanies conditions like sciatica and misalignments.  There are also stretching exercises and physical therapy that are beneficial to providing pain relief.  All of these treatments work well in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments.

Chiropractic Care for Whiplash

Chiropractic Care After an Accident

After being involved in an auto accident, you may not have any visible injuries but you can develop still have some serious physical problems in your neck and back from the crash.  You may simply shrug them off as just being stiff or sore, but spinal and neck injuries like whiplash are still serious and shouldn’t be ignored.  It may take days or in some cases weeks after the accident for the symptoms to worsen, you should still see your chiropractor as soon as possible after being involved in a car accident.  Immediate chiropractic care can prevent year of discomfort or chronic pain.

I Feel Okay After the Accident

Immediately after an accident your body is fueled by adrenaline and you have other concerns on your mind, dealing with police, calling tow trucks and dealing with insurance.  Once you get home and the adrenaline wears off this is when the pain begins to flare up.  If you have any injuries such as whiplash, spinal misalignment trying to carry out normal routines without treatment can cause the pain to become much worse over time.  Chiropractors use state of the art equipment, x-rays and manual examinations of your head, neck and shoulders to determine the extent of your injuries and get you started on the proper course of treatment.  Yes, dealing with paperwork and all the mundane things that accompany an accident but nothing is more important than your health.

Is Seeing a Chiropractor Necessary After a Car Accident?

Oftentimes after an accident you’ll first see EMTs followed by an emergency room doctor; they will look for the obvious like broken bones or head injuries.  Even if you feel you don’t need a doctor and are released at the scene, you may still end up with stiffness, bumps and bruises from the seat belt or steering wheel, along with some pain in your back and neck from whiplash.  All of these conditions can cause spinal misalignment and that in turn leads to spinal compression (subluxations) or herniated discs.  A Calgary chiropractor is trained to spot these types of injuries and treat them right away.  Unfortunately most first responders, though highly qualified are not trained to spot these issues.

How Do I Get Chiropractic Care After a Crash?

If you have recently been in a car accident in or near Calgary and are worried about having an injury like whiplash, then contact a Calgary chiropractor for an assessment.  The doctor can take x-rays and do a complete to see what if any injuries you may have sustained in your accident.  It’s important to protect your health and your spine, in most cases it’s also covered by your insurance.

If you’re still concerned here’s exactly what happens during your assessment: